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TERSSA Committee Information

Unless otherwise designated, the President will appoint chairs in consultation with other officers. All states will be represented, if possible. The President and/or Chair of each committee will then appoint individual committee members to the respective committee for a one-year term. A majority of the members of any committee shall constitute a quorum. A report will be submitted by each committee to the membership at Executive Board meetings, at the Annual meeting, and as deemed necessary by the President.

2021 Standing Committee Chairs

Awards Committee - Glenda Jenkins, MS

Nomination Committee - Cheryl Duplechain, LA

Finance Committee - Cathy James, NC

By-Laws Committee - Christina Byrd, OH

Public Relations Committee - Vacant

Scholarship Committee - Danielle de Tarnowsky, LA

Annual Meeting Committee - BJ Okleshen, NC

Outreach & Marketing Committee - Linda Good, OH & Christine Barrier, NC

To learn more about each committee's responsibilities, review the Committee Procedure Manual.

2021 Committee Listing


Glenda Jenkins, MS - Chair

Adrian Wilbanks, MS

Chasity Elliott, NC

Geri Bushel, NC

Lindsay Baker, LA

Suzanne Hugus, NC


Cheryl Duplechain, LA - Chair

Karen Bixler, AL 


Cathy James, NC - Chair

Ann Howard, MS


Christina Byrd, OH - Chair

Public Relations

 Vacant - Chair 


Danielle de Tarnowsky, LA  - Chair

Marianne Guthrie - OH

Martha Smith - NC

Ann Meyer - OH

Linda Newman - OH

Chastity Elliott - NC

Angela Keshock - OH

Annie Freeman - NC

Elizabeth Young - OH

Kay Kramer - OH

Annual Meeting

BJ Okleshen, NC - Chair

Outreach & Marketing 

Linda Good, OH - Co-Chair

Christine Barrier, NC - Co-Chair

Becky Castello - NC

Contact: Christina Byrd,

2021 President                              Office: 1 (614)292-6518


Mailing Address:
2548 Carmack Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210

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